Test the Performance of Web Applications Under Load

Design and Run Tests Locally or in the Cloud

  • Create tests using a browser or a mobile application
  • Remote, distributed and cloud-based testing
  • Server and database performance monitoring
  • Flexible error handling and adjustable pass/fail criteria
  • Charts with instant test results available at run time
  • Customizable test report with over 20 tables
  • Support of all major web development frameworks
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WAPT User Interface

We offer a universal performance testing solution for web development teams and QA departments. WAPT tool is a perfect combination of efficiency and flexibility with ease of use. The product is backed by a team of professionals with over 14 years of experience in load testing. If you need assistance working with WAPT, our experts are ready to provide it to you from the very first day you run the demo version.

This solution is applicable for all types of websites, mobile applications, corporate ERP and CRM systems, web API services and IoT platforms. We offer a lineup of components to address all technology requirements and scale the test volume up to 1M of concurrent virtual users.

WAPT employs a simple test design approach by recording real life web sessions from a browser or a mobile application. It represents each recorded session as a sequence of HTTP requests, which is easy to understand and modify through a convenient user interface.

The emulation is based on spawning multiple copies of your original session. Dynamic values inserted into each new session make it unique and the whole emulation realistic. Most of these insertions are done automatically, so you only need to specify how to handle application-specific data. Scripting is not required, but may be used to handle extraordinary complex cases. This approach lets you create tests really fast. A simple test scenario can be implemented within minutes after a short acquaintance with the tool.

Test results are presented for your review and analysis in form of descriptive graphs and report tables. They show how the performance of your system depends on the load being generated in different test periods. Additional information can be found in the comprehensive test logs that are easy to read and navigate through in the integrated viewer. Ability to adjust the execution options on the fly in order to isolate each possible system bottleneck will let you complete the testing in shortest time.

Our clients choose WAPT for a number of reasons, but we believe that those listed below differentiate it from most commercial alternatives as well as from popular free tools:

Ease of use from learning to the full employment in the QA process.
Rich functionality ensuring applicability for all types of tests.
Low cost of ownership with on demand option for cloud users.
High efficiency and scalability of load generation.
Outstanding technical support and additional services.

For those customers who look for high capacity load tests or fine tuning of complex test scenarios we offer the Pro version. In addition to the regular WAPT functionality it provides ability to execute distributed tests in local and cloud environments, online server and database monitoring, scripting support, customization of the pass/fail criteria and integration capabilities following the Agile and DevOps methodologies.

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WAPT - Load Testing for Websites and Web Applications

Microsoft Silver Partner

What testing specialists say:

Not your father's testing tool: As a matter of fact, WAPT takes user simulation to a higher level.

- Edmond Woychowsky, CNET Networks

We've been using WAPT and have been quite pleased with the result. Great tool for benchmarking/replay. I have to admit the tool is rock-solid, incredibly performant itself, and delivers dependable, repeatable data.

- John Overbaugh , QA professional

This software has proven invaluable as a means of being able to simulate virtual user load on the new web servers located in our new Data Centre. We are currently in the process of migrating over, and this solution was key for testing how much load our new DC could take in its current setup.

- Aaron Fenwick , Motors.co.uk

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